Low Levels of Ozone Trigger Respiratory Symptoms in Infants

This study examined respiratory effects of ozone in 700 infants living in nonsmoking households in southwestern Virginia
The authors conclude:  “At levels of ozone exposure near or below the current U.S. EPA standards, infants are at increased risk of respiratory symptoms, particularly infants whose mothers have physician-diagnosed asthma.”  In this study there were no days when the 1-hour standard was exceeded, and only two days when the 8-hour ozone standard was exceeded. 
Triche EW, Gent JF, Holford TR, Belanger K, Bracken MB, Beckett WS, Naeher L, McSharrry J-E, Leaderer BP. Low-Level Ozone Exposure and Respiratory Symptoms in Infants. Environ Health Perspec 2006;114:911-916. 
The NIEHS [www.ehponline.org] offers the full article online